We've been doing this a while. Here are some people we trust to get the job right.


Soultrainers is a club night that operates in the South West, putting on shows in Bristol and Frome as well as festivals. Playing predominantly funk and disco with a harder electronic edge when the time of night calls for it, they bring classy decor and a group of DJ's who bring the party atmosphere. 

Sam Bhok

Sam is a professional vinyl DJ. He specialises in funk / soul / disco. We find he is the perfect musical aperitif and the delicious dessert to The Enrichments.  He can also provide the more standard wedding DJ approach of current chart music if that is what is required. 

Nomad Audio Solutions

For us there is only one sound company we trust to get it right every time.


Nomad Audio Solutions can provide everything you need from a 50 capacity venue to a 1000 capacity venue. 

By only using top spec well maintained industry standard equipment, good sound is guaranteed. 

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Whether you are looking for something to get your guests warmed up, or something to make your party last in to the early hours, here are some seriously good DJ's and sound companies who will get it right...