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Sometimes silly.
Often breathtaking.  
A whole lot of fun.

All our guests were in awe of what everyone called “the best wedding band we’ve ever seen”, and I think I have to agree… I’ve never been to a wedding where the band leaves the guests shouting for “ONE MORE SONG!”


Throughout the process, it’s been so easy to work with you guys. Nothing has been too much - even learning (and absolutely nailing) our obscure request for a first dance."

Emma Newton, Devon, 2022

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Band Setups

We have a number of different setups we can deploy! Depending on space or budget, we can fit around you to make sure the sound is right. 


Our sound and lighting is critical to the performance. This is why we have partnered with a great production company - Nomad Live. Click the link below to find out more about Nomad Live and what they can do to make your even look and sound incredible.  

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