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How long will it take to set up and soundcheck the band?

This depends on the number of musicians and any extra lighting / decor requirements. For a five piece band with a standard lighting package this would take be approximately two and a half to three hours.  

What power requirements do you have?

We can run off two 13a sockets. (this is a standard wall socket).


If you happen to have a 16/32a, available this would be even better!

How long can you play for?

For weddings or private functions we usually suggest two x 1 hour sets with around a 30 minute break in the middle, but we can play for longer or shorter if necessary.  We also offer acoustic sets for pre dinner entertainment. 

Do you take requests?

We take requests for first dances as standard,. If you require a large amount of requests we may include a rehearsal fee. Requests need to be sent to us no less than 2 months prior to the event. Some songs will not work with smaller outfits, we may advise against adding some songs to our set list.

How much space do you require?

A 3x6 metre stage area is ideal. We can fit into smaller spaces up to 2x4 metres. The core band of drums/keys/guitar/bass takes up most of the space, but if you did want to add some extra musicians, the difference between a four piece setup and a seven piece setup is surprisingly little.  

Can we come and see you live?

We appreciate that the best way to choose your band is to see them play live. Sometimes we play public showcases, please ask us or check our instagram to find out when the next one is. 

What happens if someone falls ill?

We have a core band and multiple professional stand in members for each instrument. We can guarantee we will do everything within our power to get a full band onstage no matter what. 

Do we need to provide the band with food and drink?

Yes please! A happy band with food in their stomachs plays better than a hungry band! 

Our venue has a sound limiter, is this a problem?

We are happy to perform in venues with sound limiters but we will need a chat with the venue beforehand, due to there being technical considerations. We want to give you the best event possible, so there may be cases where playing with a sound limiter may be to the detriment of our performance, and so it might not be a suitable venue to have a live band playing in.  It simply isn't worth us risking an empty dance floor!

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